About Stitch Happy!

Stitch Happy! began in 2007 on a whim, believe it or not. TJ, the owner, decided after attempting (and failing) to machine quilt with her old Singer, to look into machine quilting. After a time of prayer and searching, “The Big Truck” her Gammill w/ Statler Stitcher was delivered and set up in her living room.

One of the main reasons she bought a robotic system and began this journey was her love of design and art. With the Statler Stitcher, she could quilt anything she could draw and she immediately began creating machine quilting designs for her quilts. She was hooked on digitizing and after 2 years and much encouragement from her family. friends, and customers,  she opened her online store of digital machine quilting designs.

In addition to owning and operating Stitch Happy!, TJ is a wife, mother of three, grandmother to 2 and enjoys hunting, fishing, reading and spending time with family.