If you can visualize it, I can quilt it!

Precision Machine Quilting Prices

Stitching methods & the cost per square inch are included below:
Basting ~ $0.008 per sq. inch
Light Density ~ $0.015 per sq. inch
Medium Density ~ $0.017 per sq. inch
Heavy Density ~ $0.020 per sq. inch
Border to Border ~ $0.025 per sq. inch
Custom ~ $0.035 - $0.07 per sq. inch
Whole Cloth ~ $0.05-$0.08 per sq. inch
Machine Binding and Hand Binding is available.
Prices quoted on a per quilt basis.

Pricing Example
Cost of quilting is determined by the size of the quilt in sq. inches
(multiply the Width X the Length)and the stitching method chosen.
For example: A queen size quilt measuring 85" X 100" = 8500 Square inches.
Basting ~ $68.00
Light Density ~ $127.50
Medium Density ~ $144.50
Heavy Density ~ $170.00
Border to Border ~ $212.50
Custom ~ depends on the quilt
Custom Quilt Design: piecing, quilting and binding.

Additional Labor: piecing back, squaring back, adding borders, ironing, clipping threads, attaching a hanging sleeve - all will be done at the rate of $15.00/hour.